My name is Shubham Gandhi, III Year student, currently enrolled in the undergraduate program of B.A LL.B (hons.) from “Dharmashastra National Law University, Jabalpur”. In my very first year, I have been told that the super power of a law student is his writing and his capability to express them effectively. To continue with that, I indulge myself into writing many articles for various blogs and have written a couple of research papers towards the line of constitutional issues such as privacy, freedom and liberty.

My area of expertise is Constitutional Law, with growing interest in the field of IPR and Arbitration law. My motto as part of the Student Editorial Board will be to promote the advancement of Quality law and to promote new ideas and expressions while respecting the LAW.

I believe that in a democratice country, Dissent is the founding stone of securing “Rule of Law''. There are many ways of portraying your dissent towards a particular issue, but writing is the most crucial and effective one. As a law student, we must highlight and promote the power of writing (critical) and give freedom to express and respect each and every opinion put forth before us. I believe, critically analysing a judgment is the duty of every law student, as we must not uphold anything delivered by the Apex court as the face of truth. Pointing out a different side on the lines of law is healthy for development of Quality Law and will lead to advancement of law.