About Blog

CAN Foundation is delighted to invite submissions for publication on its blog, Vedanam from students, practitioners, academics, and experts. Forming a part of the academic wing of the Foundation, Vedanam believes that initiating and engaging with legal discourse on topics of contemporary relevance is essential to the attainment of proficiency in any field. The Blog hopes to publish well-researched, contemporary articles with an analytical outlook. By doing so, it would not only supplement the legal literature on a range of topical issues but also realize the object and vision of the foundation to increase access to legal literacy.


Vedanam welcomes articles that fall within the vast universe of law. Interdisciplinary research is highly encouraged. Entries that present creative and enriching perspectives on contemporary legal issues will be much appreciated.


Submissions from law students, legal professionals, academicians, as well as students and experts from other disciplines whose work is informative for law and initiates discourse on issues of contemporary relevance are welcome.


Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

Submission Guidelines

  • All works submitted must be original and unpublished. Any form of plagiarism will lead to disqualification for publication on the Blog.
  • The word limit for the manuscript is 1200-2000 words.
  • Co-authorship is permitted up to a maximum of two authors.
  • The Body of the manuscript must have – Font style: Garamond; Font Size: 13; Line Spacing: 1.5; Alignment: Justified
  • All the relevant sources must be duly acknowledged and hyperlinked in the text of the manuscript itself.
  • The decision about the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript shall be communicated to the authors within 10 days.
  • The detailed guidelines that need to be adhered for the submission can be found here

How to Contribute

  • All manuscripts shall be sent to vedanam@canfoundation.in with the subject ‘Submission of Manuscript for Vedanam’.
  • Details of the author(s) should not be mentioned in the file containing the article.
  • Author(s) must include their full name, institution/organization, email address, photograph and a bio in a separate cover letter.
  • Authors(s) are also required to submit a declaration of originality. The declaration can be found uploaded on Vedanam's website.